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Renovated church and campsite.

Trails across woodlands to Kockelscheuer, renovated church with sarcophagus, restored wash-house.

Wooded area offering plenty of hiking opportunities; tennis facilities.

Beautifully restored church of the 18th Century with its baroque style altar. Fishing pond Steckeltermouer. Tennis facilities. Hiking (a.o. Itziger Stee). Rest area with picnic facilities along the banks of the river Alzette (near the Gantenbein mill weir).
Enjoy the natural beauty of the Alzette valley with its many hiking and cycling trails, its historic sites and welcoming hotels, restaurants, cafés and campsites in the municipality of Hesperange.

In the near future, the network of local hiking and biking trails is set to be thoroughly extended and will thus provide visitors with pleasant and relaxing surroundings on the edge of the capital.