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The borough of Junglinster is located in the east of the Grand Duchy, in the canton of Grevenmacher. The small town of Junglinster is situated along the N11 (Luxembourg - Echternach). Visit the handsome baroque church dating from the 18th Century with its magnificent altar from the Dominican Sisters' convent in Marienthal. Beautiful frescoes attributed to the painter Ignatius Millim adorn the domed ceiling. The church also houses the 16th Century tombs of the feudal lords of Linster.

At the end of the locality, in the direction of Echternach are the imposing towers of RTL radio station. In Altlinster, where the first castle of the lords of Linster stood [11th Century] there is a beautiful chapel dating back to the 16th Century. Above the village, a Gallo-Roman relief adorns the rocks known as "Haerdcheslay".