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• Visit with audio guide
• Slide Show
• Torture Chamber
• Panorama from the main tower

On request:
• guided castle tour for groups
• guided walk along the region's most beautiful hiking trails

The castle is an excellent starting point for exploring:
• the nature trail
• the picturesque hiking trails along the streams Hallerbach, Haupeschbach and Huuschbach
• the Mullerthal trail.

Hiking paths
78 & GR Mullerthal trail

Apart from the impressive ruins of Beaufort castle, the town of Beaufort offers a wealth of attractions:
• Renaissance castle
• Neo-Gothic parish church
• Castle Festival (early July)
• 'Stone and Man' trail
• Open-air swimming pool
• Ice rink with ice-karting during the winter months
• Works by renowned international artists set up in the sculpture garden
• The proximity of the river Sûre, offering canoeing and fishing
• Cafés, restaurants, hotels, camp sites, bungalow parks and youth hostel
• picnic areas
• "Cassero” and “Framboise des Bois", two specialities of the castle.

Mullerthal Regional Tourist Office

Tel.: (+352) 72 04 57
Fax: (+352) 72 75 24